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The information referred to in this cookie policy (the "Cookie Policy") is provided by the Data Controller (as defined below) in addition to the information on the processing of personal data, always made available within this website ("”), as well as accessible at the following link:

This Cookie Policy describes the different types of cookies that can be installed on users' devices while browsing the website, their purposes, the duration of retention of the personal data thus collected, as well as the ways to control the installation of these cookies. Cookies (so-called "Third Party Cookies") originating from other websites managed by third parties (the "Third Party websites"), as better described below, can also be installed through this website.

The Data Controller is Advance S.r.l. (hereinafter "Advance" or "Owner"), with registered office in Via desiderio 25, 20131 Milano, Tax Code and VAT number 13356630155.

What Cookies are

Cookies are small text strings that the websites visited by one user send to the browser of their device (Desktop, Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same websites on the next visit of the same user.

The main types of cookies are described below, classified on the basis of the provisions and indications of the competent authorities, including the Guarantor Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (the "Guarantor") and the European Data Protection Committee (EDPB).

Types of cookies and consent needed

Technical Cookies: those are cookies that are essential to allow the transmission of a communication on the electronic communications network and the use of the services requested by the user. Without these cookies some operations or browsing activities on the website could not be performed or would be less secure.

In light of the purposes for which technical cookies are used, their storage in the user's device does not require the user's prior consent.

Analytical Cookies: These are cookies used to analyze the activities and performance relating to a website, and therefore to improve the service provided to users, as well as to optimize the website. We specify that the analytical cookies directly authorized by us have as their sole purpose that of producing statistics in aggregate and anonymous form for internal research purposes on the number of users and the way they visit the website. With regard to third-party analytical cookies, in compliance with the applicable legislation, the installation requires the user's prior consent.
This website does NOT use analytics cookies.

Profiling cookies: these are cookies that create personalized profiles relating to the user for advertising purposes and are then used to undertake marketing activities, for example retargeting or advertising on social networks. The installation of these cookies requires the prior consent of the user. These cookies can be stored in the user's device by the owner directly (First Party Cookies), or by Third Parties (Third Party Cookies); in this case, however, the Third Parties act as independent data controllers.
This website does NOT use profiling cookies. 

Withdrawal of cookie consent

The user is free at any time to revoke the consent given in relation to non-technical cookies installed through the website (both cookies installed directly by the Owner and those of Third Parties), by selecting "Manage Cookie Preferences" on the privacy pop-up located at the bottom left of each page of the website.

We would like to inform you that, in addition to the above, the user of the website may express or modify their cookie preferences also through the settings of the browser used on their device. Obviously, the preferences expressed through the browser will only take effect from the first user connection following the modification of these preferences. We refer to the information and operating procedures to be performed to configure the settings, as provided by the suppliers of the most popular browsers:

Firefox: about:preferences#privacy
Microsoft Edge: edge://settings/content/cookies
Chrome: chrome://settings/cookies
Internet Explorer:
To delete cookies from Internet Explorer:
1. In Internet Explorer select the "Tools" button, choose "Security", then select "Delete Browsing History".
2. Select the website's "Cookies and Data" checkbox and then choose "Delete".
To block or allow cookies on Internet Explorer:
If you don't want to allow websites to store cookies on your device, you can block cookies. However, this operation could prevent the correct visualization of some pages or cause a message indicating that it is necessary to allow cookies to view the website.
1. In Internet Explorer select the “Tools button” and then select “Internet Options”.
2. Select the "Privacy" tab and, in "Settings", select "Advanced", then choose whether you want to accept, block or receive a request for first-party or third-party cookies.

Cookies used on this website

Below you can find the list of cookies on this website:

First part technical Cookie:

Cookie name

Storage period



1 month

This cookie allows us to record your acknowledgement of the cookie banner so that it does not show up again each time you log in and on each page you visit our site.